Maintenance Request

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Maintenance Request

To our tenants:

We at Jenkins Properties are committed to providing quality housing for our residents and maintaining the rental property as an asset for our clients.

You are encouraged to report maintenance issues as soon as you notice them, as they will only get worse if left unattended. If you are unsure about any maintenance issue please call us and we can decide on the best course of action. There are several ways to contact us to report maintenance needed:

Maintenance EMERGENCIES are considered to be anything that puts your personal safety, or the safety of another, in jeopardy or a condition that is causing damage to property. Additionally, for our purposes clogged plumbing, major water leaks or electrical outages are considered maintenance emergencies.

To assure prompt attention to your call we have a 24 hour live answering service for this purpose.

Telephone: (818) 542-6850
Fax: (818) 542-6855


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